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Use the Traditional Yard Sale

Garage Sale Still a Good Way to Move

Because of internet availability the once popular yard sales are no longer temporary front yard retail operations. Thanks to on-line auctions like e-bay, craigslist and others, the garage sale is becoming a thing of the past. But you can still have a profitable parting of the way with a lot of your stuff using the traditional yard sale.

Now is a good time to de-clutter and the good moving folks at North American Van Lines offer these suggestions for a well- planned and profitable sale:

1. Timing – Avoid holiday weekends. Many potential customers will be out-of-town and others will be afraid to venture forth because of the extra traffic. Start early, say 8 a.m. But be prepared for people to arrive even earlier than that. The “professionals” like to beat everyone else to the punch.

2. Permits – Some jurisdictions require their permission to hold yard sales. Others dictate exactly how and where streets signs can be posted – and perhaps more importantly, when they must be removed.

3. Advertising – Yard and streets signs are only part of the equation. Following the local rules, put up your largest posters on high-traffic roads and make sure you have all the avenues to your place covered. Run ads in the local daily, weekly and Pennysaver, and post some information on your community website.

4. Neighbors – At the very least, warn people on both sides of you that the neighborhood is about to be invaded. But also consider a block sale. Multiple sales on the same street sometimes boosts turnout.

5. Change – Have plenty of it on hand, not just coins but small bills, too. And have a calculator nearby so you can do the math more quickly.

6. Power – If at all possible, have an electric cord handy so your customers can turn on your electronic items. People will want to confirm these items run properly.

7. Helpers – Enlist the entire family, including the kids. But try to keep their hands out of the cash box. One adult should be assigned to collect money.

8. Traffic – Place your best stuff near the street to attract passersby, and display everything else up nice and neat. Curb appeal counts.

North American has lots more information and suggestions on garage sales, including what to sell, advertising, and some suggestions on pricing to help ensure a smooth successful sale. www.northamerican.com/moving-help/garage-sales .