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Family Home Improvement Projects You Can Do During the Quarantine

All this quarantining making you want to fix up the house you’re stuck in? You are not alone. Despite the stay-at-home orders, the parking lot of our local Lowe’s is still packed every day! 

The good news is, you can order just about anything you need, and with all that family togetherness, you’ve got the manpower to get some stuff done. Here are some great projects to take on while the family is hunkering down together. 

Do your backsplash

Tiling a backsplash seems like it would be a complicated project, but it’s actually relatively easy, even for novices. Little kids can get involved, too, since there are so many different tasks involved, from measuring all the way to grouting. 

“If more involved renovations are on your to-do list, let the adults handle the removal of the old unit first,” said Home Jobs By Mom. “Then allow the kids to get creative with the new backsplash. If you’ve decided on a multi-colored mosaic backsplash, for example, the kids can work together to assemble the tiles on a sheet. This diy home improvement project not only replete with artistic flair but can be completed by one child or through family teamwork. If you think they are up for it, they can even assist in tile placement and grouting.”


Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable updates you can make to your home and it’s perfect as a family project. Be sure to lay down a drop cloth if you’re letting your kids paint with you, and take a little time first to show them some basic pointers so you don’t end up with drips. 

Paint the fence 

If your fence has seen better days, gather the fam and get some sun while you perk it up. “Have kids grab a brush and paint that picket fence white again, or update privacy fences with a color that matches or compliments your home,” said Quicken Loans.

Bring a piece of furniture to life

Have a tired old table, sideboard, or bookcase? Order some paint and splash on a pop of color to bring it to life. You can make an old piece feel brand new, and you’ll have the added benefit of feeling proud every time you walk past it.

Redo your kitchen cabinets

We’re not gonna lie. This is a doozy of a project to take on without professional training and extreme patience and diligence. But, you’ve definitely got the time on your hands now, so why not give those dingy cabinets a makeover. 

It’s not easy to get a smooth finish, even with a professional sprayer, so it’s probably best to keep the paintbrushes out of the little ones’ hands unless they’re painting an area that is not going to be easily seem—like the back of the cabinet boxes or underside of shelves. They’ll probably have fun with the sanding block, though, or can be assigned the job of wiping down the finishes after they’ve been sanded. They don’t need to know what a tedious job this is; If you package it right, they’ll think it’s a privilege!

Once you figured out who’s doing what, use some professional tips to get a pro quality look. “You don’t need to spray to get a smooth finish,” painting contractor John Dee told This Old House. “He often brush-paints cabinets anyway because it gives him more control and avoids the risk of paint spray ending up where it’s not wanted. (Surface prep is the same whether you spray or brush.) Brushing is time-consuming, he warns, and could take up to a couple of weeks to complete. But the result is a durable, glass-smooth finish that’s the equal of anything from a spray gun. ‘You just need to use the best materials and take the time to sand and do the brushwork right,’” he said.

Create a garden

“Creating a garden is a low-key renovation project for the whole family. It’s also combining science and art for a great learning experience,” said Isley’s Home Service. “Starting a garden helps your kids develop an appreciation and understanding of nature. And in this age of video games and smartphones, that’s a good thing. Find some decorative plants or even plant seeds for the front and/or backyards. Being able to eat what you grow always has an impact so go ahead, work together and have some fun.”

Build a playhouse

This is obviously a more involved DIY project, so maybe you don’t tackle this one unless someone in the family has some carpentry skills. If you do move forward, however, you can create something special that will hold lifelong memories for the kids. 

“They’ll have so much fun building something that is specifically for them to play in and they’ll learn a lot about carpentry along the way,” said Italian cabinet manufacturer, Aran Cucine. “Young children are obviously not be suited for dangerous tasks such as sawing lumber, but they’ll be able to help with measuring, painting and hammering with supervision.”

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