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Ed Powers Real Estate June 2020 Newsletter

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Should I Sell Now?

The pandemic has put the world on pause. Should you put your real estate plans on pause, too?
      This article reaches a sizable online audience, so there’s not just one answer to this question. In direct conversation with you—one-on-one—this question could be answered with specific reference to your location, property, finances, and desired outcomes, but there would still not only be one answer to this question.
      Real estate, by its nature and its tremendous location-driven diversity, makes that question open-ended, with many possible answers:
      • Each option has many perspectives.
• Each property is is unique.
• The reasons homeowners love, or are ready to leave, their real estate are unique, too.
      The greatest challenge can be uncovering and CONTINUED >>>

Credit and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

If you’re one of the thousands of homeowners who is struggling to pay your mortgage and bills right now, safeguarding your credit probably isn’t high on your must-do list. But if you want to make sure your credit stays good—or even improves—despite any economic difficulties, read on for some important updates and tips. 
Government safeguarding credit? There have already been steps taken to safeguard credit for those who enter into a forbearance program. Typically, “Payments that are skipped or only partially paid during a mortgage forbearance period technically violate the original terms of your mortgage loan agreement, so even though your lender agrees to the forbearance plan, they may report your payments as delinquent to the CONTINUED >>>

Are You Ready to Divorce Your House After the Quarantine?

A number of things have happened during this unprecedented time:
      People have had more time to spend together. They’ve also spent that time at home. 
      All that time together has not necessarily helped some relationships. Perhaps not surprisingly, the divorce rate is skyrocketing in countries like China, and now it’s been reported that, “Cooped-up New Yorkers are flooding lawyer phone lines with divorce inquiries — with an avalanche of filings expected once the courts re-open,” said the New York Post.
      But it’s our relationship with our homes that may be the most stressed. A home may function perfectly fine when you’re only there a few hours a day, but this quarantine has shined a light on many a flaw. Here’s how to tell if you’re just done or if your relationship with your house can recover.
It’s not something a CONTINUED >>>

Tele-Maintenance: The Newest Thing in Virtual Service

Medical appointments have gone virtual. Zoom has all but replaced workplace meetings. And now, there’s a new can’t-live-without-it, at-home service we’re loving. Hippo Home Care is now offering free tele-maintenance to help owners keep their home functioning while we’re all hunkered down.
      “Using our free tele-maintenance service, you can talk directly with a Home Pro whenever you have questions or issues around your home,” said Hippo. “We can help. Schedule a complimentary virtual ‘house call’ with a Hippo Home Care Pro who can help you with home maintenance by phone or video.”
      The company has completely shifted to a virtual model for the time being as a service to customers who might not be comfortable having strangers in their house during the pandemic. Customers can schedule a Virtual House Call to troubleshoot specific issues and also use the tele-maintenance service for a complimentary guided Hippo Home Care Home Checkup. “Think of it like getting a car tune-up or a physical, only this one is for your house,” they said. 
      The free

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