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Can Home Flippers Still Make Money on Their Investment?

Once upon a time, less than two or three decades ago, buying a run-down Fort Collins or Loveland home, revamping the building, and reselling the property was a very lucrative business for tens of thousands of individuals across the United States. As more of the less-desirable homes have been purchased and flipped in the past 20 to 30 years, the market has become more restricted, and investors are often forced to buy homes that require significant work, rather than the easy face-lift properties. Here are a few ways home flippers can still make money on their investments.

Buy on a Budget

Any builder can give you an estimate of what it will cost to make the necessary renovations to a property. But they are only estimating what they can see. Within the budget, you must include the marketing costs, repair expenses, standing costs while you repair it, insurance prices, and selling commissions. On top of that, don’t forget to add a buffer for the unseen and unforeseeable, such as discovering mold or bringing wires and pipes up to standard building code.

Buying Without Borrowing

For those investors that can purchase a property without the extra pressure that a mortgage payment can bring, success is much easier. Although your hard-money lender may present you with a short-term loan, it can be a costly partnership – often more than 10 percent. Investors can also find themselves in a bind when a property tear-out discovers costly needed repairs, and an acquisition and repair loan is required. The extra $30,000 to $100,000 in repairs can easily put the investor into the red.

Buying the Right Property

When you purchase a home that is run down, and you expect to put $3,000 into the renovations with just two weeks turn-around time, it probably won’t happen that way. The problem is you never know what the foundation is hiding, what is behind the walls, and if there is hidden water damage.

Buying at the Right Price

One of the long-time experts in the field of real estate, Steven Taylor landlord was asked, “What are the most important factors that need to be assessed when becoming a real estate investor?” After a thoughtful pause, he replied, “There are several, but I would say access to deals is critical and access to capital of course, but understanding your market and recognizing opportunities are factors that create successful real estate investors.”

Buying in a Good Neighborhood

It’s no secret that homes in some neighborhoods are highly prized and can sell for thousands of dollars over asking price. Sometimes there may even be a bidding war in a selected neighborhood that brings in $25,000 to $50,000 over market price. If you are lucky enough to locate a home in one of those prized neighborhoods, your chances of having a successful flip are high. Knowing the area is safe, schools are excellent, and values are rising can mean the home is a great deal and will be an easy flip.

Buying When You Have a Great Contractor

It may sound trite, but your contractor can make or break your project. Finding a professional that has a crew of his or her own, takes responsibility for crew reliability, and brings in a project when saying it will be done, is priceless. You will not find many of them in your lifetime, so if you know one, treat them like gold – because they are valuable.

Getting the money you put into the home back out of it quickly is always the main goal of a flipper. Doing so with an eye on quality can give you a reputation that excels. So, do a quality job, get it done quickly, and sell it for a reasonable price. That is the secret to flipping homes and making money – in a nutshell.

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